About Our Technology:

The Ravata Individual Zygote Electroporator (RIZE) serves as our flagship device enabling gene editing of rodent embryos in a fully automated system. Rapidly develop your knock in transgenic models with a RIZE Automated Chip (RAC) capable of processing 20 embryos in parallel. Using our proprietary single cell electroporation and on chip viability assessment ensure the highest success rates no matter the mouse strain.

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For complex models, current methods of transgenic rodent model creation require skilled labor from a microinjection technician. Processing is done one embryo at a time with a needle and a microscope. Failure rates of this process can be extremely high with hundreds of embryos used and no transgenic rodent model created. Embryo manipulation in this method can be extremely expensive, requiring technician time, high failure rates, and wasted embryos.

The RIZE device bypasses current technological limitations in the industry to present a device that completes DNA editing on an automated pipeline at the push of a button. DNA editing for the first time in the world made simple. Our frontier technology device passes the savings on to the business owners, saving costs and increasing productivity, the industry by accelerating turn around on research development time, and the individual worker saving time on the job.