Ravata Individual Zygote Electroporator

Optimizes embryo viability - cutting electroporation batch sizes by 50%

At Ravata Solutions we are automating the production of knock in mouse models for medical and pre-clinical work. Mouse models have been used for decades to advance the understanding of diseases and improve drug development. Ravata is enabling the automation of a full day's work flow in just minutes. Save time and money with minimal training.

RIZE - Ravata Individual Zygote Electroporator

RIZE - Ravata Individual Zygote Electroporator

Fully automated Workflow

Whether customers are producing 2 models a week or 20 standardize workflow with the RIZE to produce consistent and reproducible electroporation results.

Push to transform, replacing the technical skill requirements of transgenic model creation with usability.

Use 50% less embryos per transgenic model and produce more mutants.

Scalable - Meeting needs of academic cores and Industrial producers.

Sensing and Custom WaveForms

The Ravata Individual Zygote Editor (RIZE) distinguishes itself through the use of DC voltages for electroporation and AC voltages to assess the health and viability of embryos.

Disposable chips ensure the highest sensing accuracy for each genetically modified mouse model attempt.

Bipolar electroporation enables the highest chances of DNA integration for your KI model production.

RAC’s - RIZE Automated Chips

RAC’s - RIZE Automated Chips

Reduce Embryo and Reagent Waste with precision micro-electrodes

  • Single use semiconductor grade chips
    hosting 1-20 embryos

  • Square wave electroporation and AC permeability sensing

  • 100% Cas9 RNP Delivery Efficiency

  • Create exdels/indels and SNP’s with just one chip

  • Over 300 models produced to date

  • 1kb insertions 40% Efficiency

  • Semiconductor Grade Biosensors

  • 93% Embryo Viability Rates


Enroll in our alpha program today

Interested in bringing Ravata Solutions to your lab, running a flagship model or collaborating?

We value your opinion, and are looking for labs who want to communicate their needs to the forefront of device innovation in the gene delivery space.

  • Those enrolled in the alpha program will receive chips at a discount.

  • During this trial period, suggestions will be implemented by testers like you and updated chips will be released regularly