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Embryo Gene Editing


        Ravata's technology delivers gene-editing agents like CRISPR into the embryos of mice via a new type of electroporation. Unlike conventional bulk-electroporation systems, the Ravata Indivdiual Zygote Electroporator (RIZE) targets sub-portions of an embryo's membrane to maximize reagent delivery efficiency and cell viability. The RIZE has demonstrated a 47% cost reduction and 50% reduction of animals used in mouse-model production.



Ravata Individual Zygote Electroporator

  • Independently Delivers Reagent to Twenty Zygotes in Parallel

  • Greater than 80% CRISPR KO Efficiency and Viability 

  • Fully Automated Processes with Touchscreen GUI Control


Our Team


Arshia Firouzi (CoFounder, CEO)

          Arshia is the co-founder and CEO of Ravata Solutions. A UC Davis Electrical Engineering alumnus, he has a diverse range of experiences having developed software and hardware for HVAC sensor systems, assisted in deep-space gravitational lensing research, and analyzed bio-membrane acid filtration. When Arshia finds free time he enjoys playing golf, soccer, tinkering, discussing all things startup, and backpacking.


Gurkern Sufi (CoFounder, COO)

          Gurkern Sufi is the co-founder and COO at Ravata Solutions. He is a graduate of UC Davis’ Biotechnology program and has experience utilizing non-human primate models in terminal infantile gastric disease studies, characterizing patient populations for cardiac electrophysiology therapies, and quantifying patterns in the walnut transcriptome. Gurkern enjoys playing golf, soccer, cycling, and cooking.

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