Ravata Solutions

The Future of Fertility


Ravata Solutions is a stealth-mode startup located in California. The team is developing an egg/embryo manipulation system for the Assisted Reproductive Technologies industry. Commercialization is anticipated in the second quarter of 2019.

Our Team


Arshia Firouzi (CoFounder, CEO)

          Arshia is the co-founder and CEO of Ravata Solutions. He is responsible for the fundraising, sales, and marketing activities of Ravata. Arshia has demonstrated a track record of excellence in negotiating co-development partnerships, raising funds from Angels/micro-VCs, and garnering attention from customers and media alike. When Arshia finds free time, he enjoys playing golf, soccer, and backpacking.


Gurkern Sufi (CoFounder, COO)

          Gurkern Sufi is the co-founder and COO at Ravata Solutions. Gurkern heads the multifaceted operations of Ravata. To date, among other actions, he has seamlessly executed on developing the company‚Äôs R&D pipeline, manufacturing supply chain, and IT infrastructure. Gurkern enjoys playing golf, soccer, cycling, and cooking.

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